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PRAE Luxury Lingerie Designer Silk Bralettes, About - Helene black silk bralette with Wells multi-slit skirt


PRAE is a women’s luxury lingerie and ready-to-wear brand, built around a core collection of designer silk bralettes. Each piece is hand-cut and sewn by our seamstress in New York.

PRAE reconsiders the importance of a beautiful bra which also reflects personal style. As the piece of clothing that is most personal and intimate on a woman’s body, our range of luxe, silk bralettes are the starting point for the ‘pre’-dressing stage of the modern woman’s wardrobe. From there, each piece of apparel in the collection thoughtfully integrates the bralettes.

Sydney x New York

PRAE is an expression of the founder’s beachside aesthetic growing up in Sydney, colliding with the sleek aesthetic of her current home in New York. Her style in Sydney developed from always being “beach-ready” – wearing a minimal triangle black bikini or bandeau top underneath an oversized tank top or slip on dress.

Moving to New York, she created PRAE to form the foundation of an elevated beach-to-city style, giving her a quiet, yet alluring confidence to be seen wearing her bralette in public, as part of her look.

The PRAE woman captures a relaxed beachside attitude within a city backdrop. She embodies a lifestyle of laid-back luxe.

PRAE is everyday luxury lingerie.

Made with sustainability and care in mind

PRAE NYC: Beginnings, Katy O'Kane by Christine Hahn - Women's Luxury Lingerie and Designer Silk Bralettes

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Grazie Elisa Pervinca Bellini.